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I am dubbed Spike, Plus size model. This is a clusterfuck blog of everything. FATshionista <3 Pansexual. Verbose with a sharp tongue and a kind heart.

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i have never felt so bad for a confused mother
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Scorpion mommy needs a lot of attention to take care of her babies because their exoskeletons are still soft and wobbly, and sometimes it’s confusing to manage all those limbs at once.
Please full view, it’s detailed.

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Looking for a tumblr girlfriend, follow me if youre interested!!!
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Plus-Sized Woman Rocks Bikini on Hollywood Boulevard to Promote Body Acceptance
Los Angeles is known for many things: great weather, a laidback lifestyle, and Hollywood’s biggest stars. But for many who live in La La Land, the pressure to conform to a certain beauty standard can leave them feeling downright depressed.

Why didn’t this have any notes?

It doesnt have any notes because its a black woman doing it. Had it been a white woman this wouldve been national news.

it doesn’t have any notes yet because it was literally posted today calm the fuck down (also hell yeah this woman rules)
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finally a store that caters to my needs
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